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Cyclops actuator enables Dynamic Beam Shaping for laser cutting applications

08 sep 2022

Newson's single mirror scanning technology enables dynamic beam shaping (DBS) for laser cutting and laser hardening applications. Cyclops™ actuators can be easily integrated into the optical beam path of existing laser cutting heads.

First DBS experiments were performed by Fraunhofer Institute IWS Dresden and KU Leuven as part of the DynaBeam project (Eureka program). In this project dynamic beam shaping performance was investigated. Results show an increase of achievable cutting speed of 50% using DBS. The fast beam oscillations generated by Cyclops™ improve laser cutting of thick materials.

Full article : Towards robust dynamic beam shaping for laser cutting applications

The research results were presented on the 12th CIRP Conference on Photonic Technologies [LANE 2022], 4-8 September 2022, F├╝rth, Germany