rhothor™ Deflector

Moving coil deflector provide state of the art performance in laser deflection

Smart Deflector

A scan motor with a locally integrated regulator and amplifier

This motor is capable to handle the mirror position all by itself without extra regulation or amplifier board. This makes it an easy tool to design scan solutions for generic and specific applications.

These RTA (Rhothor Active) deflectors do not rely on the traditional moving magnets technology. Instead a patented moving coil principle is used.

The Smart Deflector is fitted with a single coaxial connector providing power as well as data connection. Simple modulation electronics allow the user to send the setpoint data directly to the motor. The mirror positioning is done by the motor itself.

Evolution co-financed by IWT-Vlaanderen (SME-Innovation project)
IWT funded

rhothor smart deflector

Smart Deflector Key Data

Scan motors offer "modularity in design"

  • One size Fits all: Smart deflector can be fitted with A10, 15 and 20 mm aperture mirror
  • Fully integrated rotational servo system
  • Available angular ranges: 800, 640 and 180 mrad
  • Single coaxial SDP (Shared Data Power) connection
  • Digital regulator running at 1.5 µsec cycle time
  • Down to 2,5 µsec set point and actual position update rate
  • 20 bit system resolution
  • Low drift (typical 12 µrad/8hours)
  • Low Temperature cofficient (typical 25ppm/°K)
  • Patented moving coil drive with low inductance for superior speed
  • Fully digital H-bridge for single supply operation at maximum efficiency
  • Typical power supply current only 140 mA
  • Spring preloaded hybrid bearing system for long life time
  • Field replaceable mirrors, toolset available
  • Autotune supporting application selectable track delay (down to 60 µsec)

Three motor types for different angular ranges

Motor Type RTA-AR800 RTA-AR640 RTA-AR180
Optical angular range 800mrad (45.8°) 640mrad (36.7°) 180mrad (10.3°)
coil inductance 4 µH 4 µH 4 µH
coil resistance 300 mOhm 300 mOhm 300 mOhm
rotor inertia 2.6 g.cm² 2.6 g.cm² 2.6 g.cm²
Maximum load 10 g.cm² 10 g.cm² 10 g.cm²
Position Sensor Optical Optical Optical
Drift after 8-hours <24µrad <20µrad <6µrad
Repeatability <12µrad <10µrad <3µrad
Interface SPD SPD SPD

SDP Protocol

SDP (Shared Data Power), a single coaxial connection provides power as well as data connection

Data is modulated onto the power supply. This interface protocol is an open UART protocol with a baud rate of 10 Mbit/sec

To maximize ease of use several Front-End devices are availabe for zero overhead connection of a rhothor ™ Smart Deflector to third party electronics. Those embedded interface modules and adapters provide modulation of setpoint data on top of the 12V power supply.

Newson also provides three channel CUA steering boards for direct connection to the rhothor ™ Smart Deflector

SPD Protocol


Newson provides different mirrors for the smart deflector

Off-the-shelf X and Y mirrors for most commercial wavelength include 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 1940nm, 10600nm, dual coatings and more.

Silicon carbide or reinforced fuced silica for superior performance.

A mirror exchange toolset is available allowing on-site mirror replacement and reducing stock cost.

rhothor Mirrors